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The best Paint by Number kits

If you want to know the best kits to paint by numbers, don't waste time, click here and discover why we are the European benchmarks.

We all have different ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. One of the most frequent forms is through painting and art. Aware of this, we bring you The best Kits to Paint by Numbers at European level.

Painting with numbers is usually one of the most used activities for art lovers and beginners who want to enter the world of painting. The fact of being able to recreate one of these works is very satisfying for any person, age and experience. Offering relaxation and fun in equal measure. 


What should the best Paint by Number Kit have?

Painting pictures by numbers is a unique activity. Therefore, the site where you buy them and the materials they include have a lot to do with the experience and also with the final result you can achieve.

Various media recognize us as the number 1 specialized online store in Europe for providing the kits to paint by the most complete numbers, with the highest quality materials available and a super fast delivery and attention service so that the experience is satisfactory from the moment you consider choosing your next design to paint in our online store until you you finish and hang in your favorite place.

If you are an enthusiast of numbered canvases to paint you should be interested in knowing what must have the best kit to paint by numbers. We started ...


The canvas

Small details make a big difference. That is why at Paint Numbers ™ we use a top quality canvas 100% linen with a thickness of 280 g / m² and with 4 coats of primer, so it is specifically designed for use with acrylic paint.

These terms may sound like Chinese to you, but don't worry, what really matters is that this canvas makes stretching paint an easy and enjoyable experienceprevents the appearance of wrinkles, it is already 100% treated to be painted and has a high thickness that will keep it in perfect condition for much longer.


Frame Mounted

A good kit cannot come rolled or with 4 wooden sticks and some thumbtacks. Does it sound familiar to you? If you have already painted other kits it is likely that you have already suffered this.

The good news? All our kits already come with the canvas stretched and mounted on a wooden frame pine with industrial staples. This way you won't have to waste a lot of time stretching the canvas in bad ways and mounting it on a poor quality frame with a few thumbtacks. We always keep in mind that the goal is for you to enjoy painting, so we take this and many other details into account.


The paintings

The essential material of any paint by number set is its paints. Without that, we will not be able to bring our painting to life.

Our high pigmentation acrylic paints They will make the colors of the painting stay vivid for a long time. They are also made with a water base, so they are respectful of you and the environment.

And you will think ... They will have something bad, right? Well yes ... but it has an easy solution. Acrylic paints dry quickly and easily, that's why we We vacuum pack the paintings so they won't dry out or open during transportation. This is how we ensure that the paintings arrive as fresh as possible and you have the best painting experience.

It is possible that you have seen other kits with the paintings numbered without any sense, with codes that also do not correspond directly with the numbering of the canvas and you have made a mess. Our paintings come numbered correlatively from 1 to the last color number of each design and that same number corresponds to the number that identifies each area of the canvas.

In addition, we we include the varnish necessary to protect your painting. A super important detail that you will not find in other kits. Apply a coat of varnish to the entire painting once you have finished painting it to keep the colors in perfect condition for a long time.



With the brushes that we include in the kit you will cover even the smallest detail of your painting with numbers. With a set of 4 brushes small, medium, wide and large you will achieve a good finish.

But if you are going to paint several kits we recommend our set of 5 professional precision brushes so that your painting experience is more comfortable and the optimal result. The best? You will have premium brushes, comfortable, fine and durable, which you can reuse in all your paintings.


Instructions and numbered guide

The method of painting by numbers is very simple, sYou should only color the numbered areas of the canvas with the indicated color. But yesIf you don't know where to start painting, don't worry, you just have to follow the instructions step by step in spanish that we include in our kit box.

In addition, when you start to paint by numbers you will realize that many times we accidentally cover a number and then we do not know what color that section should be painted with. So we have thought of you including also a numbered guide extra large size (Din A3) so you always have a numerical reference of your design.


Accessories to Hang your Picture

Once you have finished your masterpiece, you will probably want to hang your painting on the wall or space that you like the most. Well, our kit includes a accessory set very complete to hang your painting simply with the help of a hammer and a screwdriver.

What's more, we include a leveler so you can hang your painting completely straight easily and quickly. Something that you will only find in Paint Numbers™ kits.


Now you know why we are European benchmarks. If you want to join us in our mission to bring the benefits of painting to the world regardless of gender, age or experience. Follow us on our social networks or click the button below to paint one of our kits.


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¡Gracias por tu pregunta Gloria!

Para aplicar el barniz que incluimos en nuestros kits correctamente y así conservar los colores vivos del cuadro en perfecto estado por mucho tiempo, simplemente debes seguir estos 3 pasos:

1. – Una vez pintado el cuadro por completo esperaremos un mínimo de 48 horas para garantizar que la pintura se ha secado completamente.

2. – Aplicaremos el barniz vaciando los dos botecitos directamente encima del lienzo para posteriormente extenderlo de forma uniforme por todo el lienzo. Recomendamos para este paso utilizar un pincel lo más ancho posible para extender el barniz de forma fácil y uniforme.

3. – Si te sobra barniz puedes aplicarlo en los bordes del cuadro. O si lo prefieres, puedes esperar un mínimo de 12 horas para aplicar una segunda capa de barniz, cuando la primera capa de barniz ya esté completamente seca.

Aunque el líquido es blanco y una vez aplicado parezca azulado, cuando está bien extendido y seco es totalmente transparente. ¡Así que no te preocupes porque seguro que te queda de maravilla!

Adjuntamos un vídeo que puede ayudar a entender todo el proceso:

Próximamente facilitaremos esta información en otra entrada de blog dedicada solamente a este tema. ¡Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a mejorar Gloria!

Judit de Pintar Números —

Hola, no se como aplicar la capa de barniz, y me da miedo estropear el cuadro…hay algún video o algo donde pueda ver como se hace?? Gracias!!

Gloria —

Gracias por tu comentario Elsa, nuestro plazo de entrega a Canarias es entre 3 y 5 días laborables, por lo que es seguro que te llega con varios meses de antelación. ¡Saludos Pintorescos!

Jorge de Pintar Números —

Si ago el pedido hoy llegará antes de reyes a Canarias???

Elsa —

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