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How to hang a picture without drilling holes

Hanging pictures without drilling holes in the wall is possible thanks to the set of accessories that we include in our paint by number kits. Enter and discover how to hang your pictures easily and quickly without drilling anything!

Hang pictures without drilling holes in the wall It is possible thanks to the set of accessories that we include in our paint by number kits. If you want to discover how hang your pictures easily and quickly no need to drill anything, this is the ultimate guide.


I. Material you will need:

1. Pencil

2. Ruler or Meter

3. Screwdriver

4. Hammer

That's it! As we promised you You will not need to drill or make holes with our kit. If you don't have any tools at home at the end of the guide we give you several solutions.


II. Prepare your painting to hang it on the wall

Our kits are made up of several components that make them unique and complete, including the accessories to hang the picture. ItYou will find it in the plastic bag that also contains the four brushes with the pink wooden base.

Have you found them? Exactly, it's those 4 pieces, two tiny screws and two pieces of metal with a hole in the middle that embrace a triangle (Hembrillas). And now that you have them identified... Let's get to work!


STEP 1 - Mark the back of the frame with a pencil

Mark two small dots in pencil on the back of the painting so that they are perfectly symmetrical at the top of the two sides of the wooden frame.

We recommend doing them about 10cm from the top edge of the frame and on the side rails of the frame, not on the top rail, as this will achieve greater strength and prevent the top rail from suffering due to the weight.


STEP 2 - Screw the sockets to the frame

To screw the two pieces to the painting, simply pass the screw through the hole in the sockets and carefully screw it into the frame of the canvas. Help yourself with the two dots that you have marked in pencil to screw the two pieces as centered as possible.


STEP 3 - The perfect height where to hang the painting

Taking into account the viewer's point of view, we recommend hang the picture at a height between 1.65 and 1.75 cm. This way we will avoid lighting problems by hanging it higher or making it too close to the furniture, the sofa or any other object in that room.

Once you have the two pieces attached to your painting at the top back and the place chosen to display your masterpiece, you will only have to fix the accessories that go to the wall.


III. Prepare the wall to hang your painting

You will find the accessories that go to the wall in another plastic bag next to a tube containing a yellow liquid (leveler) and two little bottles like the ones for paint but with a whitish liquid (varnish).

Exactly! The accessories that we will place on the wall are those 2 white pieces that have 3 metal studs each (Alcayatas). There is little left to finish, these will be the last necessary steps:


STEP 4 - Mark the position of the spikes on the wall

Use the ruler to mark with the pencil the two points where the spikes will be fixed, measuring the position of both points from the ground, as well as the distance between them.

Now, we will nail one of the spikes to the wall with the help of a hammer. Attention! Only one of the spikes in one of the two points marked above, in this way, we will be in time to level and correct the position of the second and last spike.


STEP 5 - Level the position of both spikes

To make sure hang the picture completely straight, we will place the socket of the painting in the hook that we already have fixed to the wall and we will put the leveler (tube with yellow liquid that we include in our kit) on top of the painting attached to the wall.

When the bubble of the leveler is between the two central marks of the leveler we will know that the frame is completely straight. It is time to draw a pencil line marking the top edge of the box.


HE PASSED 6 - Hang the picture

Finally, check that the distance from the wall between the line we have drawn from the upper edge of the box to the point where we will put the second spike is the same as in the box. If everything is fine, fix the second spike at the marked point with the help of a hammer.

Once we have the two forks fixed to the frame and the two spikes fixed to the wall 100% level, we will only have to hang the frame letting the triangular forks of the frame rest, inside the two spouts that protrude from the spikes.

Ready! You now have your picture perfectly hung easily and quickly without using a drill. If any of the pencil marks are visible, take the frame down, erase the marks with a pencil eraser, and replace the frame.


How to hang a picture without nails, without holes and without damaging the wall?

If you do not have any type of tool at home or your landlord does not allow you to make any type of mark or holes in the walls, do not worry, we have several extra solutions for you.

Currently you will find in any hardware store double-sided adhesive strips or hook-and-loop adhesive strips with which you will be able to hang your pictures almost as reliably as other methods that involve holes in the wall. Of course, keep in mind that this method is not recommended for large and heavy paintings.

Finally, we want to share one last option that some Picturesque use, and that is that they basically take the opportunity to place their works of art on top of shelves and rails that they already had previously fixed to the wall. In this way they avoid making new holes in the wall and they decorate exposing their masterpieces in a super original way.


Now you know how to hang your masterpieces with the accessories that we include in our paint kits, so the next time you paint... Don't hesitate to expose your painting to the world!

If this guide has been helpful to you, let us know in the comments.

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