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5 Tips to Paint by Numbers

The world has become more and more "crazy", we always go with the feeling of running from one place to another and it is good to have activities to combat anxiety and stress from day to day. Many people have found this necessary escape in painting.

Making pictures to paint by numbers is a relaxing and fun activity for many. These periods of concentration are a type of passive meditation that will help you connect with yourself. Something very valuable these days.

The interesting thing about this activity is that you can do it whenever you want, without the need for experience and at any age. Now, if you want your works to be perfect, then we will give you 5 tips to paint by numbers.


Tips for painting with numbers

Generally speaking, this is a very simple activity. You just have to follow the instructions of our kit to paint by numbers and we assure you of optimal quality results.

Now, if you want to show your work to family or friends, you most likely want to have a professional finish. So pay attention to these 5 tips to paint with numbersThis will give you a canvas that looks like it was made by an artist.

1. Technique

When painting pictures by numbers, be sure to work with uniform strokes. This will give you a very nice finish. On the other hand, when starting with a numbered zone, be sure to finish it. In this way, you guarantee that that area is seen evenly.

2. Painting

Working with acrylics is not always easy, an essential tip is do not work with a lot of paintThis way you will not stain the canvas and it will not crack. Also, once you finish coloring by numbers, wait for the first coat to dry to pass a hand again.

3. Brushes

It is important keep your brush always clean. Therefore, clean it with water and dry it well to remove excesses. We recommend having 2 containers of water, one for washing and one for rinsing.
The way you wash your brush is also important. It is not necessary to squeeze it towards the bottom of the container, just dab it with the edge of the container and pat it dry with kitchen paper, it is ready to use again.

4. Correct the errors

It is normal that when working with your numbered canvas to paint you make any mistake. In this situation, it is best to wait for it to dry and then proceed to scrape the paint a bit with a toothpick.

5. Finish

If you want your work to stand out, the finish will be the magic touch for your painting with numbers. With this you not only guarantee a higher shine, but you can also protect your paint a little more so that it looks like new for much longer.

If you don't know how to finish it, Our Paint By Number Kits come with two cans of special varnish. At the end of your work, apply it to the entire canvas and thus guarantee that your painting is protected from light damage.

6. Extra Tip! Hang a Picture

If you want to exhibit your work, you have it very easy. Our kit comes already framed with stretched canvas And it includes all the necessary accessories to hang it on the wall quickly and easily, without the need to drill or make holes in the wall. 

For this you will only need to fix with the two screws (included) the two metal washers (included) on the wood at the back of the painting, and on the other hand, fix the two wall brackets (they are the white pieces included) with the help of a hammer and a leveler (included) to place your painting perfectly straight on the wall.

Don't you feel safe hanging your painting yet? Click here and access our complete guide to hang your painting.

Now you will have your painting painted with the best finish and hanging in your favorite place. It only remains to choose your next picturesque adventure to continue enjoying painting.


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