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How to Paint by Numbers?

Understand how the Paint by Number method works with these easy step-by-step instructions.



Place on the table one or two glasses of water and our NUMBER PAINTING KIT (the canvas, the paints, the brushes and the guide picture of your design) 


PAINTING NUMBERS is an ideal method for beginners since you simply have to paint the numbered areas of the canvas with the numbered paints that we include in our kit.

These numberings must match, that is, paint number 1 colors area number 1 of the canvas and so on with the rest of the paintings and areas of the canvas.

Our kit also includes four brushes to make it easy to paint the different sizes of the numbered areas and an already assembled frame to show off your painting at home. 

Instrucciones Pintar por Números Diseños Macarons Café

 STEP 3 - # GOT IT!

Enjoy and show your work of art. Exhibit it in your favorite place, make whoever you want happy by giving it to them or Share it with our #Pintorescos community by tagging @smartnumeros!


PAINT NUMBERS It is also a fantastic guide on which to apply advanced painting knowledge and experiment with changing colors and applying various techniques to improve results and create unique works.

We recommend that you visit our blog entry "Get Spectacular Results with these 10 Tips and Tricks"to get the best results.


We hope you enjoy painting our designs. 

| Team Paint Numbers

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Gracias por tu comentario Maria,

Nuestros kits vienen con el bastidor ya montado y con el lienzo estirado sin arrugas, por lo que no deberás preocuparte por montar el bastidor ni estirar le lienzo.

Espero haber sido de ayuda. ¡Saludos Pintorescos!

Judit de Pintar Números —

Muy bién todas las ideas y sugerencias

Carmen —

Por favor me podrías explicar como se monta el bastidor?

Maria —

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