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Train your creative side

Creativity and painting go hand in hand, and at some point you may have found yourself blocked and not knowing how to continue. Don't worry, it's something that can happen to anyone and we can develop it little by little. The best thing for this is to work it day after day.

It is important, first of all, to feel good about yourself and be aware that sooner or later you will have inspiration again. Finding yourself in harmony with yourself and with the elements of your environment will always be positive. But it is also interesting to know some exercises that can help you promote that aspect with simple and daily exercises.

Working creativity in painting or any other artistic discipline can be done with some effort, without waiting for the muses to come visit us as if by magic. For this reason, today we bring you six exercises that will help you stimulate your creative abilities and with which you will see how your way of doing things improves.

Exercises to stimulate creativity

Bringing out our creative side is not always easy, but we can take care of some interesting aspects with a few simple exercises. Always have these ideas on hand, as it will be easy for you to put them into practice at any time. We are sure that they will serve you and you will notice it in your art.


It is a well-known technique to encourage creativity in painting or other arts with seven words (corresponding to the acronym for SCAMPER). Ask yourself questions with 'Replace', 'Combine', 'Adapt', 'Modify', 'Put it in another context', Delete' and 'Reorder'. This will help you see everything from a different angle each time.

use an alter ego

Another way to get to work is by imagining that you are someone else. If you have a problem ahead of you, you stay creative by thinking as if you were someone you know or can think of. How would that person solve a specific situation? Try to put yourself in their shoes.

brainstorm or brainstorming

This system is well known, although it is not always used correctly. With these brainstormings, our mission will be to launch ideas on a specific topic without any type of filter. Absolutely anything that comes to your mind, without previous judgments, since that is the final part of the work.

Combination of elements

Something similar to what we mentioned before with SCAMPER, but only with the letter C. Make two lists of objects, ideas or anything that comes to mind or you find around you. So, try to find interesting combinations between one list and another that can give a creative idea as a result.

Set short and long term goals

The art of painting pictures is not achieved overnight. Setting goals and objectives, and charting the path we will have to take to reach them helps you think about the future and see how to solve the problems of the present. Plan, because this will also help you to be creative.

Listen to music

It is not strange to think that other artistic activities can help you get creative for painting. Depending on what kind of music you listen to, your brain will relax and ideas will flow more easily, helping you find other ways in a specific situation.

Because painting can help to be creative

As you can imagine, one way to stimulate creativity is through painting. The very process that you will have to carry out will make your brain work continuously and think about the next step you want to take.

This will serve you at any time of day to day, not only when you face a blank canvas, since problem solving is activated thanks to creativity. As you work and continue painting, your skills will grow and so will the challenges you want to face, assuming very important personal growth.

As we said at the beginning of this text, creativity and painting travel hand in hand. Now it's your turn to work with them to improve both skills and self-esteem. Do not have any doubt, the process will be as beautiful as the final result, since you will see a global change both in your work and in your development.

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