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How to paint with acrylic paint step by step

Would you like to learn to paint acrylic painting pictures? Acrylic paint is an excellent way to get started in the world of painting, as it is a technique that can be used on various surfaces.

Would you like to learn to paint acrylic painting pictures? Acrylic paint is an excellent way to get started in the world of painting, as it is a technique that can be used on various surfaces. 

You want to know how to paint with acrylic paint? The technique is very simple: First of all, pour several drops of the colors that you have chosen on the palette, this material allows you to create new colors by mixing various shades. Then, moisten the brush with water and you will be able to start drawing. As this type of painting is perfectly adapted to different layers, you can paint over once they dry to get the desired effect.

Advantages of painting with acrylic paint

Acrylic paint contains a acrylic resin base which, thanks to its composition, allows quick drying. Therefore, use acrylic paint for pictures It has great advantages over other techniques, such as oil. Some of the Benefits son:

  • Very simple way of use.
  • Does not use solvents so It is non-toxic and does not emit a bad smell.
  • Have a very affordable price And you don't need extra materials.
  • can be get new shades mixing different colors on the palette in a very easy way, since it can be dissolved with water.
  • Acrylic paint for paintings dries very quickly. so new layers can be applied to correct errors or achieve the effect we want.
  • Son breathable what makes them water resistant after drying.
  • More resistant to the passage of time and mold.
  • you can apply touch-ups and protective varnish coat.

How to properly dissolve paint

acrylic paint It is commonly used by artists, since, as we have mentioned before, they work in a very easy way. Diluting the paint in the correct way, allows to achieve different textures, consistencies and colors to achieve the most varied effects. Next, we explain what do you dissolve acrylic paint with. Although with our kits you should not worry, since we send you the colors already mixed and the paint ready to paint without the need to dissolve it.

To dissolve properly, you will need to apply a small amount of paint on the palette (or the material you have chosen). Now, you must keep in mind that this type of enamel dries in a period of 10 to 30 minutes, so start by adding very little amount. Later, add a little water and use the brush to mix carefully so that there are no lumps. Also, you can choose to dilute the mixture with a dissolving agent for more control.

Another alternative is add plaster to acrylic paint, unlike the previous two, the mixture won't be too thin. In addition, it will also serve as a first coat for the surface, making it adhere better to canvas or other surfaces.

Acrylic paint to paint pictures by numbers

Would you like to know how to paint? An easy way to learn to draw is by using the boxes. paint numbers that provides painting kits with everything you need: Canvas, pre-mixed paints, brushes and much more.

The method of painting by numbers allows painting pictures to any person, age and without the need for any previous experience. Furthermore, with the pictures to paint by numbers it is possible to promote Benefits of art therapy and, through them, you will get a state of relaxation and peace of mind, now available to everyone.

Choose your favorite design and start your art adventure today!
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