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We are Jorge and Judit, two brothers passionate about crafts and the online world. A few years ago we discovered a painting method that changed our lives. Literally. And today, we want to bring those benefits to your life as well.

For as long as we can remember, we tattooed furniture, made all kinds of puzzles, clay figures and even macaroni necklaces for our mother, Carmen, whom we had fried, leaving our names inscribed even on her agenda. In those days everything was simple. Without the Internet, we came up with a thousand stories to entertain ourselves.

When we were teenagers, Judit went to live for a time in Birmingham (United Kingdom), that separation was very hard for us because due to life circumstances we had to support each other a lot since we were little and that event left us a great void.

Jorge Judit Pintar Números

[Jorge] - It was at that moment that my sister found in painting a way of connecting with herself that she did not know how to describe, but that gave her inner peace and helped her feel closer to her family even when she was hundreds of kilometers away. So when he came back for my college graduation he tried to teach me to paint so that I too would enjoy that feeling, but unfortunately, I was never good at brushes ...

One day I discovered the paintings to paint numbers and I was curious. They are not expensive, so I decided to buy myself a kit (it was one with Cups of coffee). When I wanted to realize it, it had been more than four hours in a row. I didn't even look at the phone or think about any of my problems. I instantly disconnected without realizing it!

After finishing my first painting I showed the result to my sister (Judit didn't know anything about it). He immediately asked me who had painted that ... Ha! I knew very well that with my pictorial talent there was no possible human way that I had painted that painting. But this time he was wrong because I painted it! (Here we share the first painting painted by me, without ever having painted before, thanks to the Paint Numbers method)




The best thing was not that, but we started to paint by numbers the two of us and we felt connected again like when we entertained ourselves doing crafts together. At last, we were able to name that feeling: Mindfulness.

The power of mindfulness has been scientifically proven in a multitude of studies. There are many ways to achieve a state of mind of relaxation and inner peace. Painting is one of them! 

Creative activities such as painting, drawing, sewing, etc. provide great benefits to our well-being and help regulate stress levels. That's why we always liked all these crafts !!! Who does not need something like that with the times that run?

So we decided to create our company in 2018 to publicize the positive aspects of therapeutic art and to promote a balanced state of mental health. Each number painting box we sell brings us closer to our goal of make this world a happier and more peaceful place for all.


To achieve this, we put everything on our side every day. We select the best paintings to paint numbers, we create the most complete premium kit that exists and we are the only ones with 24-hour shipping to Spain, a 100-day guarantee and the option of cash on delivery. Without forgetting instant attention worthy of the 21st century and that our goal is continuous improvement to always offer you the best of this healthy hobby.

We are passionate about transmitting something as fun as painting and having such a positive impact on people's lives. It is really difficult to fight cancer or Alzheimer's, get divorced, quit smoking or have mobility problems, etc. We are happy to receive your messages and know that we are a healthy breath very helpful in all those cases.

Of course, it is not necessary to be in any of these situations to enjoy the benefits of painting, you only need desire to have a good time and dedicate time to yourself to improve your quality of life, forgetting stress and everyday problems.

So today, regardless of whether or not you have experience with painting, we invite you to change your life by trying this painting method ideal for anyone who wants to have fun and at the same time provide a healthy respite to their life.




Shop with confidence at Paint Numbers. Together with our team we will take care of the rest and make sure that this painting method makes you just as happy as it made us from day one. In addition, it is a fantastic hobby for decorate your home with your own works of art. Click on the "PAINT A PICTURE" button below and start your adventure with art today.