Frequent questions


How many days does it take for my order to arrive?

You will receive all the paintings that we have in stock in our warehouse in maximum 3-4 working days after making the payment if you choose the premium shipping option. If you choose the standard option you will receive your order in 10-12 working days


How I can keep track of my order?

Once the order payment has been made, we will send the tracking number of your order to the email with which you made the purchase.

In case you do not receive any email, please check your spam or promotions folder .

If you still can't find the tracking number, you can contact us either by phone or by email and we will help you.


Can I return the order?

If you want to return any of the products you have purchased, make sure that the item is unused and in its original packaging

Send us an email to indicating your order number and we will provide you with all the information so that you can return the product.

Please note that shipping costs will be at your expense and custom kits cannot be returned as they are designed to order.



What do the paint by numbers kits include?

Our paint by number kits are the most complete and of the highest quality on the market.


All kits include:

- 40x50cm numbered canvas already framed

- Set of numbered paints to paint the entire painting

- Set of 4 brushes of different sizes

- Card with the image of the finished painting

- Instruction manual and reference sheet

- Varnish

- Kit to hang the picture + level to hang it straight


What if I run out of paint?

All our kits include all the paint you will need to complete the entire picture.

If for any reason you run out of paint within the 100-day guarantee that we offer, we will send you the paint you need to finish the painting without any problem .

In case more than 100 days have passed, you will have to buy a new set of paints.


What is the measurement of the canvases? Do they come framed?

All our canvases measure 40x50cm and are already framed .

We want to make sure that every customer can have the best paint-by-numbers experience possible even with no experience. For this reason we have opted for a higher quality product and already framed, to avoid receiving wrinkled, thin canvases and without the necessary material to be able to frame them correctly and that would distort your complete experience.


Why should I buy a painting with Paint Numbers and not with another company?

At Paint Numbers we offer much more, for less. We are the reliable and safe place where you can enjoy this healthy hobby with the best quality and shopping experience.

Our commitment is to offer the best existing materials , the fastest shipping times and guarantees that you will not find in other marketplaces.


Our canvases:

- They come stretched and already framed

-Without wrinkles

-28gsm linen fabric


Our paintings:

- Vacuum packed so they don't dry out

- United and interspersed so that they do not open between them

- Up to 30 colors

- Enough paint to paint the entire canvas


extras :

- Nice presentation to be able to give as a gift

- Protective varnish

- Leveler to hang the picture straight

- Proper packaging

- 100 day guarantee


How do I choose a suitable photo for a custom painting?

In order to make sure that we can achieve the best result adapting your photo to the paint by numbers and that you are satisfied, it is important that:

- The image has a good quality/resolution (we recommend a minimum of 1000x1000 pixels)

- The closer the subject is to the camera, the more details we can capture. That is why we recommend that at least the subject occupy 70% of the image . Avoid photos where the subject or faces are too far away as details will not be visible.

-Avoid photos that contain filters , that are made against the light or that do not have good lighting .




What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most cards , as well as PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay .



My discount has not been applied, what should I do?

All our promotional codes must be 100% applicable.

If the code you have does not work, please let us know and we will fix it.